Kopje Koffie (Cup of Coffee) podcast

The Dutch Embassy in Berlin and the Dutch Foundation for Literature produce in cooperation with Flanders Literature and the General Representation of the Government of Flanders the Kopje Koffie (‘Cup of Coffee’) podcast, aimed at German readers and listeners. Dutch writers with a new translation in German are invited to talk about their work.

Because live performances are still very hard to organize, we looked for different ways of drawing attention to the Dutch-language translated literature in Germany.

Arnon Grunberg

The first episode will feature Arnon Grunberg about the translation of Bezette gebieden (Besetzte Gebiete - KiWi).

Judith Fanto

Judith Fanto stars in the second episode. With Bettina Baltschev she discusses her debut novel Viktor (published by Urachhaus, translated by Eva Schweikart).


Ilonka Reintjens


Ilonka Reintjens

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