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Jan Paul Schutten

Jan Paul Schutten (b. 1970), who has written over 35 books, is the Dutch king of non-fiction for young readers. He won a Vlag en Wimpel award for his debut Ruik eens wat ik zeg (Just Smell What I’m Saying, 2003). In 2008, he won the Gouden Griffel, the award for the best Dutch children’s book…

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The Girl in the Golden Dress

Rembrandt’s The Night Watch is the number one attraction at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. But, when you take a good look at this painting, what do you actually see? Hidden among all the fine gentlemen, there is a girl. The story that Schutten tells about her takes young readers on an appealing…

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The Mystery of Life

Jan Paul Schutten’s energetic account of the amazing story of evolution and the ­origins of life, with his precise yet light-hearted tone, is truly unique and a most admirable achievement. Het raadsel van alles wat leeft (The Mystery of Life) is the ultimate non-fiction book for children:…

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Is That All?

Everything was better in the old days? No, absolutely not. Everything was so much worse back then! ‘We were so poor that we had to drink our tea out of a rolled-up newspaper!’ The famous Monty Python sketch ‘Four Yorkshiremen’ was what inspired Jan Paul Schutten to create the picture book…

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Just Smell What I’m Saying

Can we talk to the animals? Do you understand what your pet is telling you, or what birdsong means? Animals and even plants have a great deal to say. How does maize send out SOS messages? If a monkey learns sign language, what does he talk about? Why do some frogs mime? Why does your cat nuzzle…

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Querido Kinderboeken

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Martijn van der Linden

In 2001, Martijn van der Linden (b. 1979) graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam with only one dream: to become an illustrator. He’s certainly succeeded. Within five years, he has built up an extensive collection of work and demonstrated his mastery of totally different…

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Floor Rieder

Floor Rieder (b. 1985) is best known for her illustrated interviews in Dutch newspaper. The Mystery of Life (2013) was her impressive book debut. It was awarded the Golden Paint Brush, the country’s most prestigious illustration prize for children’s books.

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