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Joke van Leeuwen

Joke van Leeuwen (b. 1952) studied history at the University of Brussels, performs in cabaret and theatre shows, writes stories and poems for children, which she illustrates herself, and writes prose and poetry for adults. She has received innumerable awards, including the prestigious Theo Thijssen…

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In Deesje by Joke van Leeuwen you roll along with the main character from one adventure into the next. And not only as far as the story is concerned; reading the words and looking at the pictures is one big surprise. In the work of the doubly talented Van Leeuwen, text and illustrations complement…

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Thinking Half a Dog Whole

As modern media consumers, we receive around four thousand images projected onto our retinas every day. Four thousand! That’s an incredible number. But there’s no way of stopping them. The digitisation of the 21st century is an irreversible process and the visual culture is now more dominant…

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In Joke van Leeuwen's most recent picture book, Somewhere, she demonstrates once again that high-quality literature need not be inaccessible. This philosophical graphic novel is about a mountaineer who falls into another world, where everything is put into question.

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One characteristic of classics is that they tell us the most ordinary things in extraordinary ways. Alice’s constant growing and shrinking, for example, teaches her that nothing is what it seems to be. And Pinocchio’s nose shows him that lying doesn’t pay. Iep! is based on a similar…

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Kweenie (Dunno) is the name of a strange little creature with a big, yellow, beak-like nose who suddenly tumbles onto the bed of the first-person narrator, a small girl with a mop of hair. Kweenie doesn’t know who he is or where he comes from. All he knows is that he’s fallen out of a story…

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What Are You Doing in My Bed?

‘What are you doing in my bed?’ These words echo like a mantra through the pages of Joke van Leeuwen’s picture book for toddlers. Although technically speaking, ‘pages’ isn’t quite the right word. Waarom lig jij in mijn bedje? is constructed as a ‘leporello’, a concertina book that…

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Querido Kinderboeken

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