Voor De Nederlandse maagd (‘The Dutch Maiden’)

Marente de Moor wins AKO Literature Prize 2011

31 October 2011

The AKO Literature Prize 2011 has been awarded to Marente de Moor for her novel De Nederlandse maagd (‘The Dutch Maiden’). Other nominees this year were: Jeroen Brouwers (Bittere bloemen, Atlas), Peter Buwalda (Bonita Avenue, De Bezige Bij), Arnon Grunberg (Huid en Haar, Nijgh & Van Ditmar), Marja Pruis (Kus me, straf me, Nijgh & Van Ditmar) and P.F. Thom├ęse (De weldoener, Contact).

The Dutch Maiden is De Moor’s second novel and is set almost completely in Germany in the 1930s. In her novel, she inexorably draws the reader into a world of love, fencing foils and the threat of war.

The jury praised the novel as a book where frontiers are challenged and one that thereby raises such questions as: ‘When can you actually make a choice, and when is it a certainty?’ A subtle, sensual novel about the scars that war can leave behind, with a power of expression that is still relevant.’

Barbara den Ouden


Barbara den Ouden

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