The Riveter: Writing from the Netherlands

Dutch Poetry in Translation

19 May 2021

The Dutch Riveter presents an abundance of (contemporary) Dutch literature in English translation. Including “a lot of poetry, more than we’ve ever had in any other magazine”, as editor-in-chief Rosie Goldsmith stated at the launch of this special issue of The Riveter.

The magazine kicks off with three poems by Booker Prize winners Marieke Lucas Rijneveld and translator Michele Hutchison, from Rijnevelds first volume of poetry Kalfsvlies (Calf’s Caul). At the heart of the magazine Dutch poetry is truly put in the spotlight. Here, editor Anna Blasiak introduces her selection of Dutch poetry in translation ‘a shining beacon, an example that others should definitely follow’. Blasiak focuses on contemporary poetry and poets to take a close look at what is happening in Dutch literature now. Quite a lot, she notes: ‘Contemporary Dutch poetry’s finger is very much on the global pulse: migration and refugees, climate change, sex and gender, sexual abuse, racism, identity – it’s all there.’ Her selection includes poems by Menno Wigman, Jan Baeke, Sasja Janssen, Simone Atangana Bekono, Dean Bowen, Maartje Smits, Lieke Marsman and Hagar Peeters.

Most of these authors were recently translated and published in the UK. So: please enjoy this introduction & be assured that once your appetite has been awoken there is more on offer at your local bookshop. For international publishers: rights for markets outside the UK are still available. The Dutch Foundation for Literature’s poetry specialist Victor Schiferli will be happy to help you find your way.

The Dutch Riveter is available online via the European Literature Network website and is distributed free of charge to bookshops, libraries, colleges, other organizations, and events across the UK and Europe. It is also available to order from www.newsstand.co.uk

The Dutch Riveter also features work by Ish Ait Hamou, Rodaan Al Galidi, Karin Amatmoekrim, Saskia de Coster, Merel Eyckerman, Maxim Februari, Esther Gerritsen, Anne-Gine Goemans, Hendrik Groen, Stefan Hertmans, Aimée de Jongh, Joren Joshua, Herman Koch, Geert Mak, Jelmer Mommers, Margriet de Moor, Selma van de Perre, Anil Ramdas, Jaap Robben, Toon Tellegen, Joost de Vries, Tommy Wieringa, Maartje Wortel, Joost Zwagerman en Miek Zwamborn. Translators in this issue include Anna Asbury, Andy Brown, Sophie Collins, David Colmer, David Doherty, Scott Emblen-Jarret, Antoinette Fawcet, Margie Franzen, Sam Garret, Vivien D. Glass, Fiona Graham, Johanna McCalmont, David McKay, Emma Rault, Jonathan Reeder, Scott Rollins, Alice Tetley-Paul, Hester Velmans, Jozef van der Voort, Laura Vroomen, Liz Waters, Laura Watkinson, Sarah Welling, Judith Wilkinson and Mike Wilkinson.

The Riveter is a free magazine devoted to European literature and aiming to celebrate excellent translation and great books. The Dutch Riveter was produced in co-operation with the Dutch Foundation for Literature and its UK-campaign New Dutch Writing.

Victor Schiferli


Victor Schiferli

Poetry specialist and coordinator international literary events in Germany



Dutch Poetry in Translation