Marius Broekmeyer

Marius Broekmeyer was attached to Amsterdam University’s Eastern Europe Institute until 1989. In 1995 he published Het verdriet van Rusland. Dagelijks leven op het platteland sinds 1945 (The Sorrow of Russia: Everyday Life in the Country since 1945) to jubilant reactions in the press: ‘An outstanding book that cries out for an English translation’ (Vrij Nederland), ‘An indictment of the lack of understanding, the opposition and the meddling that Russian farmers have encountered from their rulers over the last fifty years’ (Oost-Europa Verkenningen).

Stalin, the Russians and Their War

Stalin, the Russians and Their War

(Mets & Schilt Uitgevers, 1999, 319 pages)

Until the mid-1980s when perestroika opened the floodgates to more critical accounts, it was impossible in Russia to present an honest picture of the struggle against Nazi Germany. On the basis of what has been published since the lifting of censorship (diaries, personal accounts and interviews with survivors), this book presents us with a radically altered perspective: a history ‘from below’.

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