Deniz Kuypers

Deniz Kuypers (b. 1981) is the author of three novels. He made his debut with Dagen zonder Dulci (‘Days Without Dulci’, 2013), followed a year later by Het ruisen van de wereld (‘The Rustling of the World’, 2014). His latest book, The Atlas of Everywhere, is about fathers and sons, migration, and the stories we tell ourselves: about home, history, and the mysteries of time. He lives in San Francisco.

The Atlas of Everywhere

The Atlas of Everywhere

(Atlas Contact, 2021, 375 pages)

The author Deniz Kuypers lives in San Francisco, but grew up in the Netherlands in a family with a Dutch mother and an often-absent Turkish father. In his much-acclaimed and largely autobiographical third novel, he recounts his quest to find out where he is from and why it is so difficult for him to put down roots anywhere.

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