Raoul de Jong

Raoul de Jong (b. 1984) travelled through West Africa for four months at the age of nineteen, survived New York for four months with fifty dollars in his pocket and walked from Rotterdam to Marseille. He has written columns and articles for newspapers and magazines. He has published six novels, including De grootsheid van het al (The Vastness of the Universe, 2013) and Dagboek van een adolescent (Diary of an Adolescent, 2018).



My Father, His Father and Other Heroes of Suriname

(De Bezige Bij, 2020, 256 pages)

Raoul de Jong, the son of a Dutch mother and a Surinamese father, has never met his father until he receives an email just before his twenty-eighth birthday asking to meet. Intriguingly his father tells him about a family curse. ‘Please, son, leave it alone,’ his father urges him, but this is enough for the curious writer to do exactly the opposite. One of his ancestors, a medicine man, could transform himself into a jaguar and, gripped by this mystery, Raoul decides to investigate in Suriname.

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