A.F. van Ravesteijn

A.F. van Ravesteijn (1922-2020) was working at a printing press in The Hague, when he was sent to Germany for the ‘Arbeitseinsatz’ in 1942. He ended up in Recklinghausen and is forced to work in the administration of a labour camp. After his liberation, the Brits ask him to stay on, because he had come to know a lot about German mining in the Ruhr-area. In the late 40’s, Van Ravesteijn returned to the Netherlands, where he became a German teacher.

I Was There

I Was There

Forced Labourer in Germany 1942–1945

(Cossee, 2020, 512 pages)

In the autumn of 1942, Louis van Ravesteijn, an office clerk born in The Hague, is, like thousands of other Dutch nineteen-year-olds, forced to work in Nazi Germany.

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