Clarice M.D. Gargard

Clarice M.D. Gargard (b. 1988) is a journalist, writer and social justice advocate. She was born in the United States to Liberian parents, and sent to the Netherlands at the age of four to escape the Liberian civil war. Her short documentary, Daddy and the Warlord, won a Gouden Kalf, the most prestigious film award in the Netherlands. Gargard specializes in political and social issues around power structures, intersectional feminism and human rights. She works for various Dutch broadcasting and print media. In 2019, she was the Dutch UN Women’s Representative and also received a Black Achievement Award.

Daughter of Dragons

Daughter of Dragons

My Father, Right Hand Man of Charles Taylor

(De Arbeiderspers, 2019, 288 pages)

Clarice Gargard had always known her father as an idealist who helped people and fought for those less fortunate— until she discovers he worked closely with Liberia’s dictator Charles Taylor. The journey to find out how a person with his ideals could have supported a tyrant takes her through the ancient kingdoms of Liberia to her own life as a West-African immigrant in the United States and Netherlands.

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