Marijke Schermer

Marijke Schermer (b. 1975) is a novelist and playwright. Her theatrical work has been performed by several companies and translated into numerous languages. In a full-page review, the NRC Handelsblad proclaimed that Schermer is ‘quickly becoming one of the most interesting writers in the Netherlands.’ Her novel Noodweer (Debris, 2016) was shortlisted for the ECI Literature Prize and has been translated into German, Spanish and Danish.

Love, if that’s what it is

Love, if that’s what it is

(G.A. van Oorschot, 2019, 203 pages)

In her third novel, Marijke Schermer shows what love can do. The book moves with speed and has a well-constructed plot. With its frequent shifts in perspective, the relationships between characters constantly take on different hues.

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