Roanne van Voorst

Roanne van Voorst (b. 1983) is an anthropologist and writer of non-fiction as well as fiction. She is the author of various books including the praised You Are Different from Us: Young and Immigrant in the Netherlands (2010)and The Best Place In the World: Living in the Slums of Jakarta (2016).

We Used to Eat Animals

We Used to Eat Animals

(Podium, 2019, 256 pages)

In the last thirty years veganism has exploded among younger generations around the world. Today it’s not just popular and mainstream: #vegan effuses success, sexiness; it’s cool. While most of us grew up eating ‘essential’ animal products, the greater conscious shift away from those same products, be it as a vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian, is gaining a momentum that will soon be hard, if not impossible to stop.

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