M.M. Schoenmakers

After a twenty-year break from writing, M.M. Schoenmakers (b. 1949) returned to the literary scene in 2015 with the widely acclaimed novel De wolkenridder (The Cloud Knight). His earlier novels were based on his experiences in development aid in Suriname.

The Flight of Gilles Speksneijder

The Flight of Gilles Speksneijder

(De Bezige Bij, 2019, 256 pages)

Gilles Speksneijder, a loyal payroll slave in an anonymous administrative office, is the archetype of a man with no defining characteristics. Life just happens to him. He isn’t really a part of anything, and in life’s most crucial moments, his primary survival strategy is ‘respectable docility’. His marriage to Madelief, his struggling, overweight wife, is the result of her search for a ‘man was just as leftover as she was’.

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