Lynn Berger

Lynn Berger (b. 1984) received her PhD from Columbia University in 2016; her dissertation examined photography as a new technology and a new profession in the nineteenth-century United States. Her essays and reportages on art, literature, technology and photography have appeared in first-rate publications in the Netherlands. For De Correspondent she frequently writes about metaphor, cliché, ‘cultural keywords’, and the ways in which language influences our perception of the world around us.

Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts

Reflections on Having and Being a Second Child

(De Correspondent, 2019, 192 pages)

Remember your first time? Chances are you’ve forgotten all about your second. When it comes to second times, we’re often left with very little to say, as Lynn Berger realised when she became pregnant with her second child. There is a surfeit of books on early parenthood and the arrival of your first child, but books on a second child are hard to find. A curious omission, especially since two-child families are still the norm in most Western countries.

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