Renate Rubinstein

Renate Rubinstein (1929-1990) was born in Germany but moved to the Netherlands in the 1930s. She has been writing columns for a Dutch weekly for almost thirty years; her first collection of these columns in book form appeared in 1964. She has published numerous other books since then, and was awarded the Multatuli prize for literature in 1979. Rubinstein was a leading polemical journalist. Curious, open-hearted and engaged to her core, she also wrote openly and impressively about her inner life. Many of her twenty-six or so books are still in print.

Nothing to Lose and Yet Afraid

Nothing to Lose and Yet Afraid

About Divorce

(Augustus, 1978, 128 pages)

An age-old problem of love is the fear that we could be left by the beloved. Nothing to Lose and Yet Afraid is a memoir about the breakdown of a relationship and divorce, a classic in the Netherlands, in which fury, grief and fear were laid bare in Renate Rubinstein’s weekly newspaper columns.

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