Arjen Mulder

Arjen Mulder (b. 1955), biologist, translator and essayist, has had three collections of essays published: Living systems (2002), The Woman for whom Cesare Pavese Committed Suicide (2005), and the widely praised What is Life? (2014). Mulder’s writings are multi-disciplinary and unconventional, containing insights from biology, media theory, anthropology and literature.

The Success Shunner

The Success Shunner

Adrien Turel and the roots of creativity

(1001, 2016, 239 pages)

In recent decades, it has become widely accepted that we are living in an anthropocene age, in other words, that we humans are responsible for the course of life on earth, that we have only ourselves to blame for such disasters as climate change and the mass extinction of species. In The Success Shunner, Arjen Mulder reconstructs the philosophical and academic basis for this fundamental new concept, following the largely-forgotten Swiss thinker Adrien Turel (1890-1957).

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