J.A. dèr Mouw

Johan Andreas dèr Mouw (1863-1919) was a philosopher, mathematician and linguist. During his life only some of his poems were published in literary journals. He didn’t live to see his first book, Brahman I, come to light. It was published within a few weeks after his death. One year later his second collection, Brahman II, was published. In the century that followed, his poems found new audiences time and again. In the Netherlands, each decade at least brings a new Collected or Selected Poems of Dèr Mouw, and piles of articles and studies on his writings. Outside of the Dutch speaking world, his poems can still be consid­ered completely undiscovered gems.

The poetry of J.A. dèr Mouw

(G.A. van Oorschot, )

Johan Andreas dèr Mouw (1863-1919) was a classical scholar, a Sanskrit scholar, philosopher and mathemati­cian. He did not start to write poetry until his 50th year, in 1913. The poetical eruption lasted for six years, until his death.

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