Stefan van Dierendonck

Stefan van Dierendonck (b. 1972) served as an altar boy from age eight in a church in Brabant and later attended the seminary in Den Bosch. He has now left the priesthood to become a writer. His debut novel was warmly received and reprinted several times after the novel’s controversial subject matter led to the author’s successful appearance on a very popular talk show.

And It’s Raining Bread

And It’s Raining Bread

(Thomas Rap, 2012, 249 pages)

Stefan van Dierendonck has written a debut novel with an improbable story actually based on the true fact of a young priest with an allergy to the Eucharist. The church, right up to the Vatican, refuses to adapt the hosts for the main character. The writer has used own experiences to compose an unusual and intelligent story, which unsettles and raises important questions.

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