Hanna Stouten

Hanna Stouten lectured on Dutch literature of the Enlightenment at the University of Amsterdam. In 1982 she gained her doctorate in Nijmegen on the life and work of W.A. Ockerse (1760-1826). After her appointment as professor of Dutch literature at the Sorbonne in 1989, she turned her attention to the nineteenth and twentieth century as well. She was responsible along with Jaap Goedegebuure and Frits van Oostrom for Histoire de la littérature neerlandaise (1999).

Marie Bonaparte 1882-1962

Marie Bonaparte 1882-1962

Freud’s princess seeks her dead mother

(Amsterdam University Press, 2011, 232 pages)

Marie Bonaparte was many extraordi­nary things: princess, psychoanalyst, sexologist, leading figure of French culture, cosmopolitan, feminist and patient of Freud. She was distantly related to Lucien, Napoleon’s younger brother, which gave her the right to call herself a princess, and through her marriage to the son of the Greek king she also became a member of a royal family with close connections to the British and Danish monarchies.

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