Rens Bod

Rens Bod is a professor at the University of Amsterdam’s Institute for Logic, Language and Computation. He is the co-author of Amsterdam (1994), Beyond Grammar (1998), Data-Oriented Parsing (2003), Probabilistic Linguistics (2003), and The Making of the Humanities Vol. I (2010), as well as numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals.

A History of the Humanities

A History of the Humanities

Een geschiedenis van de humaniora

(Bert Bakker, 2010, 520 pages)

Many histories of science have been written, but until Rens Bod came along no one had thought of writing a history of the humanities. We already have historical studies of musicology, logic, art history, linguistics and historiography; Bod pulls all these fields together, with many more, in a single coherent account.

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