Menno Lievers

Menno Lievers (1959) is a doctor and philosopher. He gained a PhD at Oxford for his thesis, Knowledge of Meaning. In 2003, Lievers published a philosophy book for children. He currently teaches philosophy at the University of Utrecht. In addition, Lievers is the editor of De Revisor literary magazine, and publishes regularly in the NRC Handelsblad, a national daily newspaper.

The Fall of Hippocrates

The Fall of Hippocrates

(De Bezige Bij, 2009, 283 pages)

De val van Hippocrates (The Fall of Hippocrates) is all about guilt. As an adolescent, Erik Liefco, the main character, took his eleven-year-old brother on climbing trip in the Swiss mountains. His brother had a fatal accident, falling into a ravine during the descent. Erik has never forgiven himself, and has become a doctor in order to save lives. But life has not been particularly kind to him.

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