Peter Delpeut

Peter Delpeut (b. 1956) made the film Felice… Felice…, which opened the 1998 International Film Festival Rotterdam and was chosen as best Dutch feature film. In the same year his first book was published, a novella of the same title. In 1999, to accompany the first screening of Diva Dolorosa, a compilation film about Italian film divas of 1913-20, he published the travel book Diva Dolorosa. Reis naar het einde van de eeuw (Diva Dolorosa. Journey to the End of the Century). He has made several internationally released documentaries, including In Loving Memory (2001) about the British tendency to commemorate people’s lives with public benches. Delpeut is also an avid cyclist; he believes there is no travel experience comparable to seeing the landscape from a bicycle. In 2003 he published a book on the subject: De grote bocht. Kleine filosofie van het fietsen (The Great Bend. A Brief Philosophy of Cycling).

The Forgotten Season

The Forgotten Season

(Augustus, 2007, 254 pages)

This first novel by much-praised director and filmmaker Peter Delpeut is set in the mid-nineteenth century. Every week, Lidia, a sick child in a remote country village, receives the stigmata; wounds appearing on her hands and feet like those of Christ on the cross. A small but devout band of believers refuse to eat, among other things, since they hope that through the girl’s ecstasy they can share the miraculous manifestations of the Messiah, who would seem to be revealing himself to the village through Lidia.

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