Renée Kistemaker

Renée Kistemaker is a historian at the Amsterdam Historical Museum. She is particularly interested in sixteenth and seventeenth-century Dutch history, in which the city of Amsterdam often played a central role. In addition, she has specialised in the early modern history of collections and has been working for the past ten years on relations between the Netherlands and Russia around 1700.

Amsterdam in the Golden Age

Amsterdam in the Golden Age

De ontwikkelingen van een handelsmetropool

(c/o Roelof van Gelder, 1983, 278 pages)

‘Anyone approaching the city of Amsterdam from the Zuider Zee in the seventeenth century, was faced by a forest of masts. Those, on the other hand, who approached from inland beheld a typical Dutch town skyline: embankments with windmills and behind them a multitude of church roofs and slender spires. Once in the city one saw an astonishing variety of house, and warehouse fronts and, suddenly beside a canal, caught a glimpse of a church steeple.’

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