Jan van Loy

Jan Van Loy (b. 1964) has published stories in literary magazines, among them the prestigious Dietsche Warande & Belfort. His story De hel van Jan Foster (‘Jan Foster’s hell’) was awarded the Rabobank Spring Prize 2001. He was relatively little known until the publication of his debut novel Bankvlees (‘Scraps’, 2004). This was widely reviewed and immediately won him widespread recognition as an exceptionally fluent writer with a distinctive slant on life.



(Nijgh & Van Ditmar, 2004, 238 pages)

The narrator in Scraps plays second fiddle to his ‘principled’ pal Celis who has made a conscious decision to become a social security scrounger. The two meet when they attempt to organise a ‘better’ food distribution for the homeless, but thanks to the liberal amounts of wine involved, this inevitable gets completely out of hand.

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