Jos de Mul

Jos de Mul is a Professor of Philosophical Anthropology at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. His publications include The Tragedy of Finitude. Dilthey’s Hermeneutics of Life, and Romantic Desire in (Post)Modern Art and Philosophy. Cyberspace Odyssey won the Socrates Award for the best philosophical book of 2003.

Cyberspace Odyssey

Cyberspace Odyssey

(Klement, 2002, 351 pages)

Although the internet revolution appears, at least for the time 29 being, to have ground to a halt, information and communication technology make ever-deeper inroads into our everyday lives. In Cyberspace Odyssey , philosopher Jos de Mul researches the significance and consequences of the radical developments taking place. He shows himself to be well oriented and well informed, while simultaneously approaching the topic with a theoretical profundity that has seldom been reached in this field.

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