Paul Koeck

Paul Koeck (b. 1940, Flanders) writes plays and television and film scripts. He adapted the entire works of the famous Flemish novelist Gerard Walschap into a series of 26 episodes for Flemish television. He has also written almost twenty novels and collections of short stories, often referring to topical issues such as Ireland, policy regarding the disabled, radioactive contamination, and the rehabilitation of prisoners. His tour de force is Waterproef (Waterproof, 1992), an allegorical historical novel about the relativity of morals and boundaries, but his greatest hit to date is De gigolo (The Gigolo, 1985), a hilarious novel about a man who adopts a draconian solution to defend himself from the excessive attention he receives from women.

The Blood Taster

(De Bezige Bij, 1999, 372 pages)

On a visit to the village where he was born, a television presenter is plunged into his past. He remembers his parents, his brother - his parent’s favourite with whom he is now permanently at loggerheads - and a fairground showman with piercing eyes and an unusual act: the taste of just one drop of blood was enough for him to tell everything about the person it came from. Since the day this man healed his brother, the storyteller has suspected him of having played a sinister role in their family.

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