Daan Stoffelsen (Athenaeum.nl, the Netherlands)

Daan Stoffelsen

Daan Stoffelsen is the editor of Athenaeum.nl, Athenaeum Boekhandel’s website. Athenaeum.nl’s primary focus lies on content rather than commerce and it publishes daily reviews, movies and the latest news about events in the literary world. Every evening at 8pm the homepage of the site shifts to another part of Athenaeum.nl, where a new, lengthy prepublication, theme page or interview can be found, focusing on one book or author only. Step by step, this approach is proving commercially successful as well. In 2005 Stoffelsen founded Recensieweb.nl, a Dutch review website. He also reviews literature for that site and, on a freelance basis, for the daily NRC Handelsblad. Since 2010 he has been active as an editor at the Dutch literary magazine De Revisor, the first magazine in the Netherlands to publish original prose and poetry exclusively online, at revisor.nl.